Monday, 9 August 2010


Or should that be "Hi, hate us".

So we've got to put KS on hold for a short while. There are several things that are getting in the way of us doing proper, fulltime development on the project, and unfortunately both Jon and I have the need for monies. Cash. Greenbacks.

This means that paid work take precedent, and I'm in line to get some. This is the reason we're putting it on hold for the short term (a week or three...), while I go and make a bit of money Jon has to refocus and look to some other projects to tide him over too.

We hope this doesn't disappoint people too much, and we're both tremendously eager to get back to work on KNUCKLE SANDWICH... we'll let everyone know as and when we get off the round again.

Again, apologies for any disappointment in the short term.

All the best for now,

Smiffy and Jon

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Screenshot time!

Not much can be said today, other than CHECK OUT ALL THOSE BAD GUYS!

We're well chuffed, as we've got a ton of different enemies in-game now, with tons of different attributes, skills and whatnot. the game is really coming along nicely now. Maybe we're not far off a video? Hmmm...

Anyway, here's the best picture of the lot so far:

We have zombies who grab and bite, Ninjas who fight like you do, Hotdoggers who slap you in the face with barely disguised disdain (and then try to trip you up), as well as the Thugs who just try to punch you in the face. Best place to punch someone, so I'm told. Then there's the Spacemen who seem to have forgotten that it's not zero gravity in Knuckle Sandwich and spend their time jumping around, and occasionally on your head.

There may not be an update tomorrow - because Jon and myself are travelling to Essex. We'll try to update with something though. Promise we'll try.

Toodle-oo for now!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Say hi!


This is Pete. He is Alternate Player Character 2. He is also brand new as of about 5 minutes ago. He likes jogging, and making people feel uneasy with his choice of attire. The less said about his expression the better.

Can you guess where he's inspiration came from? Clues: an old achool acting hero of mine, and a little-known (but hilarious) BBC comedy about a failure of a man.


A weird combination of Vincent Price, and Dan from How Not To Live Your Life

If you don't know either of these people, you need to sort your viewing habits out :)

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Birthday Update

Right, it's my 28th Birthday today, and to celebrate (and because we promised yesterday) we've got an image-heavy update for you.

Less words than normal too.

Honestly, I'm stopping typi-...

Would you like some explanation?

I'm in a playful mood, so some clues are what you're getting instead. Ok, from the top - Trip Hawkins, Robo Love and 2001. Bring on tomorrow.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Slow days.

So on a slow Monday, where no 'real work' has been done on Knuckle Sandwich, what could I talk about?

Well the topic of time well spent appears to be worthwhile. I spent a really amazing weekend in London thanks in no small part to 'S', James and Kraig - and got back off the train this morning at around 10am. After settling in and emailing the various new industry contacts I made on Sunday, all of a sudden it was lunchtime, and that meant it was jog time too (6 laps today, feel the burn!).

Then we had lunch bought for us - a very nice treat by the canal - and before we got back it was 3pm. A few more important emails, some research and a glass of water or two later, and it's the end of the day. Where did it all go?

It's very easy to procrastinate, and though I have opened my art package of choice, and jon has loaded up the code, neither of us has made any tangible contribution to the game today. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing - far from it. Sometimes you need to get your head up out of the sand, take a breath and look around.

We've talked about the game plenty today, and having a fairly stop-start 9-5 has meant we know exactly what we're going to do next. Sometimes having a big list of stuff to churn through is good but too often the objective becomes clearing the list rather than thinking its contents through and making sensible decisions.

So no 'real' work done, but nonetheless the day has benefitted the project.

I know that pictures are nice though, so I promise it'll be a nice image-based update tomorrow.