Monday, 9 August 2010


Or should that be "Hi, hate us".

So we've got to put KS on hold for a short while. There are several things that are getting in the way of us doing proper, fulltime development on the project, and unfortunately both Jon and I have the need for monies. Cash. Greenbacks.

This means that paid work take precedent, and I'm in line to get some. This is the reason we're putting it on hold for the short term (a week or three...), while I go and make a bit of money Jon has to refocus and look to some other projects to tide him over too.

We hope this doesn't disappoint people too much, and we're both tremendously eager to get back to work on KNUCKLE SANDWICH... we'll let everyone know as and when we get off the round again.

Again, apologies for any disappointment in the short term.

All the best for now,

Smiffy and Jon